I had a little chuckle to myself when reading Mr Bicheno's reporting of the marriage between Light Reading and Telecoms.com. This was mainly due to the increasingly light-hearted, yet no less engaging, editorial style that is now typical of the 'new age' Telecoms.com. 

Longstanding fans of Light Reading will be in no way surprised by this changing style. It is one of the many traits that has made Light Reading successful, commentary with personality - take a bow Mr Saunders, Le Maistre, Morris and supporting team.

Just look at some of the recent headlines we've seen adorning Telecoms.com recently:

SoftBank plans a LoRa LoRa IoT (Scott)

UK declares war on perverts (Jamie)

French regulator throws wobbly over telcos’ spend on content (Jamie)

The night a mentalist left me questioning my own existence (Tim)

What’s the point of Snapchat? (I hate Snapchat, it was Scott’s story)

Anyone that knows Scott, Tim and Jamie will also know that they would have needed little encouragement to ‘see what they can get away with.’ Just goes to show what happens when ‘colourful characters’ meet ‘colourful characters.’

So Informa buys Light Reading and Light Reading ‘marries’ Telecoms.com… ‘Quelle surprise’, as they say in the Dourdogne…  

From what I have learned so far, there is firm commitment to put a firm shoulder behind both titles and help them flourish as independent brands (all be it from the same vast stable). The telecoms PR community will be relieved to hear it – both publications have delivered quality content for a long time now.

As someone who once decided to put his money where his foolhardy aspirations were and buy a business (all be it with a longstanding colleague and friend), I can’t help but admire what Light Reading (and Heavy Reading) have achieved.

When Informa bought Light Reading last Summer, it was actually the second time owner Steve Saunders had sold his company. He actually bought it back from UBM in early 2014, having originally sold it to them for $33million in 2005.

He and his team have clearly discovered a model that works, and it takes a lot of courage to keep backing the same beliefs and principles, especially as confidence in telecoms publishing has gone up and down like Tower Bridge these past ten years.

So good luck to you Steve, Ray, Iain, Scott, Jamie, Tim and the rest of the Light Reading and Heavy Reading folks, I look forward to seeing how the story ends.

Just don’t let Ray write it.