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White Ribbon Day: How can we stop male violence against women and girls?

We’ve all been shocked by the news over the last few months. Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa’s tragic cases have shone a light on the issue of male...

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How can IoT technology vendors successfully market and sell to buyers?

Next week, we will be releasing a new report that reveals how IoT technology vendors can effectively market and sell to IoT buyers.

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Why Taylor Swift is a marketing genius – and four key lessons brands can learn

My name is Katie and I love Taylor Swift. Like, really love her. There is not a single joy - or pain - in my life which has not been captured by a...

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Could digital finance be the much-needed route to financial inclusion?

One of the most pressing issues for financial services providers is innovating to effectively reach the billions of people around the world who...

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The five keys to analyst relations success

There’s a fundamental at the centre of all business: influence. People will often say their goal is awareness, lead development or a general...

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How important is your brand as a B2B fintech?

Short answer: very.

At Money 20/20 Europe last month, I attended a panel session with Azimo and Railsbank that posed the question: does your brand...

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10 things every firm gets wrong with Gartner…. Initially

For many companies, moving their dot into the ‘Leader’ square of the Gartner Magic Quadrant and keeping it there is the holy grail for tech...

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Analyst Prioritisation: How to Focus Your Analyst Relations Efforts

Prioritisation is fundamental for the success of any Analyst Relations programme, but it often gets overlooked…Where is it all going wrong?


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