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ASOS says bye bye to A-list programme

Excuse me while I shift my attention to another one of my loves: clothes - and most precisely, online retailer, ASOS.
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Digital Transformation World: Change is coming

If you’ve been in the telecoms industry for some time, there’s no doubt that you’ve been to at least one trade show. This week saw a small...

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MWC: it's a wrap

It’s the end of MWC18 and as you get over a week of walking too many steps per day, consuming far too many croquetas and regretting those 5...

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CCgroup’s Congress Crunch: How to prepare for the MWC interview hot seat 

We’re now in the throes of MWC, diaries are filling up and spokespeople are readying for a week in front of customers, partners, media and...

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Who run the world?

Following on from PR Week's article on the misconceptions of PR professionals, last week myself and a few colleagues were discussing the...

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End of roaming for the greater good?

Yesterday, my mum told me about her argument with a call centre operator from a leading UK telco. Said telco had been billing her 30-odd quid for...

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