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How to differentiate in the congested fintech market

The crowded fintech market is crowding further still and is projected to be worth a crazy amount of money by 2025, representing a CAGR (Compound...

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This PR professional’s career–long battle with “perfectionism”

Marketing Communications is a discipline focused on inspiring people to take on a particular action. We’re in the business of creating narratives,...

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FinTech in Poland: Earning the Trust you deserve (Part II)

In my last blog in this two-part series, I set the scene: the Polish FinTech market is hot and 2018 is the time to strike. If you didn’t catch that,...

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FinTech in Poland: Don’t wear your best dress in the dark (part I)

According to research by Deloitte, the FinTech market in Europe is worth about €2.2 billion, of which almost €860 million stems from Poland. The...

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Decrypting ICOs for FinTech PR: first hype, now scrutiny

Just a few years ago, the conversation across the fintech industry revolved around how new up-starts were using new technologies to disrupt and...

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