Category creation is key to markets, not quadrants

Many B2B tech businesses think that category creation is the key to getting out of hyper-competitive established markets, dominated by incumbents. Tech solution providers can take analysts with them on the category creation journey, co-creating and derisking new market categories. Jerome Pineau, author of a new book on category creation, recently spoke about this with CCgroup’s head of analyst relations, Duncan Chapple.  

The questions under discussion include: 

  • What is a category? 
  • Would be the most favourable outcome of category creation? 
  • Is a new category generally the white space where you fit between other providers? 
  • Are evaluative reports the way to start thinking about using AR for category creation, in particular finding a way to put your firm in a quadrant-type ranking? 
  • What are the use cases for category creation? 
  • How does economic turbulence impact the interest in category creation? 
  • How can companies start to convince analysts? 
  • Do you have thoughts about like the nature of the internal struggle in vendor organizations when they decide whether or not to take this turn? 
  • Why do we say if you don't have competitors trying to penetrate your new category then you're not in a market: you're in a dreamland   
  • How do providers know when a category has been created? In particular, what does that success look like to a client? 

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Picture of Duncan Chapple

Written by Duncan Chapple

Over the last 20 years, hundreds of technology and solution providers have worked with Duncan Chapple to develop insight and advocacy from industry analysts. After working as an analyst and consultant at Ovum, Europe’s largest analyst firm, he held senior analyst relations roles in Omnicom, Deloitte, Octopus Group and Kea Company. He has co-authored two books on analyst relations. In his spare time, Duncan is an active alumnus of the University of California at Los Angeles, King’s College London and London Business School. He also volunteers with the Analyst Observatory at the University of Edinburgh Business School, advising on the annual Analyst Value Survey and Analyst Firm Awards.

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