From a CIO's lips... a PR's ears.

The quote below is taken from Computing's interview of the CIO of Kier, Duncan Stott. With some tiny changes, it could easily be mistaken for a B2B PR job description.

"Fundamentally the CIO role is about seeing the future. You've got to see the future of where technology is going and what your business is doing. You've got to have a vision for that. Then you have to marry that vision of the future with really knowing what your business is about and what the people, the executives, are about"

"The [PR] role is about seeing the future."

"The future of where technology is going."

"You've got to [help clients] have a vision for that."

"You've got to marry that vision with what the people, the executives [the audience] are about."

According to our journalist friends, too much of B2B PR is a verbatim regurgitation of a client's imprudent messages. Their inboxes are inundated with such a collection of bland or self-promotional statements that a single tech journalist could probably paste them all together to make a sales white paper to rival much of the content churned out by some (and breathe...).

Instead, good PR looks like the above statements. No two people's views of the future are the same, so sensible and realistic crystal ball-gazing is an instant route to having something new to say. Provided the second half of the quote list remains front of mind: keep it relevant to your audience.

Before you know it, campaigns built like this will be influencing the very man that inspired this post.

Good CIOs have vision. They'll recognise if you do too.


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