How can IoT technology vendors successfully market and sell to buyers?

Next week, we will be releasing a new report that reveals how IoT technology vendors can effectively market and sell to IoT buyers.

Thanks to the proliferation of 5G, the internet of things (IoT) market is set to experience tremendous grow in the next decade. IoT buyers will be investing significantly in technology to make the connected living dream a reality—which presents a huge opportunity for IoT technology vendors, especially in the next few years.

But the IoT buying landscape is complex. IoT buyers can largely be categorised into three main audiences: End user organisations, OEM organisations, and app developers & hardware and systems integrations (SIs). But each of these buyer types have their own buying behaviour nuances, meaning no single sales strategy will work for all buyers.

So how do vendors ensure they are seen by their buying audience, and ultimately, selected within the buying process?

Earlier this year, we surveyed IoT buyers across these three buying audiences within the UK, US and Europe to understand more about the marketing channels and content types they use to identify, shortlist and ultimately select technology vendors.

The findings are included in our new report, and will reveal:

  • The impact COVID-19 has had on the IoT technology buying process
  • The most influential marketing channels for awareness of and selection of IoT technology vendors
  • The content types IoT buyers deem most valuable for identifying and selecting vendors

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Written by Chloe Pope

Chloe has been working in B2B technology PR since 2011, with experience in telecoms, mediatech and enterprise tech. During her career she has worked with a variety of players across these industries—from companies focused on WiFi management, through to content delivery networks, unified communications, virtual reality and augmented reality, 5G and IoT. Chloe has a particular interest in emerging and innovative technology that can make a real impact on the world and change how we live, work or play. She has developed and delivered successful PR campaigns for companies to drive brand awareness, generate sales leads and meet each individual business’ key objectives.

CCgroup blog How can IoT technology vendors successfully market and sell to buyers?

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