New research report: How vendors can benefit from the impact of IP on the broadcast industry

Our MediaTech team has launched new research into the impact that the transition to IP is having on the broadcast industry, just in time for IBC.

They surveyed broadcasters, with partners TVBEurope, around the globe to ask about the challenges they face as IP takes hold as a viable platform to help meet changing demands of subscribers and viewers.

As you might expect, it’s not all plain sailing, and the report highlights key challenges in content consumption, distribution and acquisition, as broadcasters race to differentiate and monetise their offerings. Highlighting investment priorities, the survey also reveals opportunities for technology vendors as they help their broadcast customers capture the exciting prospects that the move will ultimately yield.

“IP” is, of course, now an essential facet of the industry. But it is a wide-ranging topic whose critical and technical details cannot be distilled into a single report. 

The Media Tech team headed out to IBC today and they plan on spending their time talking to as many people as possible about their own experiences with the transition. Get in touch with our Head of Media Technology, Duncan McKean to share your thoughts, or discuss face-to-face at IBC.

We’re making our research freely available, and if you’re interested, you can go ahead and download it now. Simply click here.

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Written by Duncan McKean

Duncan started working life in the Nuclear Physics Labs at Oxford University, working on projects including CERN, and the ATSR space instruments. In 1998, he entered the world of B2B technology PR, where he has been ever since. Duncan has a natural passion for science and technology and has put this to good use, leading PR and communications work for leading technology innovators such as ARM, BT, IBM, HP, Nortel and InterDigital, covering everything from intellectual property in semiconductors and telecoms, to networks, imaging and storage. Outside work, Duncan is an enthusiastic “home chef”, foodie and music collector. He volunteers for the Big Community Takeaway charity, amongst others.

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