The ideal 2017 tech company

According to this article on 2017 tech trends (from admittedly a couple of weeks ago), it would appear that the tech company that will "win" 2017 is:

A cybersecurity start-up who delivers an open source product, securing data from sensors and other IoT units. Its CDO and CIO live in perfect harmony (as if!), and will have built the service on a competitive cloud infrastructure balancing public and private models(and ideally where the cloud provider is doing its own semi-conductor innovation), and will have deployed bleeding edge "data middleware" and machine learning to crunch the data and spot risks. The company will have also rolled out high performance collaboration platforms so they can take advantage of the global talent pool. Oh, and they want to IPO in the near-ish future.

Sound like you? Sounds like you're an ideal 2017 B2B PR client! (forgive the shameless plug...)

ideal 2017 tech company.jpg

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