TV reaches 5G's hype machine

I'm not sure whether to file this under the "more evidence of telcos eating broadcasters' lunch" category, or the "here we go again with TV broadcast over wireless" category. In truth, both filings would be reasonable; obviously AT&T's proposed acquisition of Time Warner supports the former (see, while existing industry forays into LTE Broadcast supports the latter. (see EE, Ericsson, Qualcomm et. al.) 

The difference is that where one is a straight-out lump acquisition of assets and capabilities, the other is discussion of a potential or nascent technology development - which as far as 5G is concerned, has barely reached standards stage. 

As we head into Mobile World Congress, the 5G use case hype machine is in overdrive. While certainly some of what 5G offers could be used for broadcast, I'd be wary at this stage about wholehearted endorsement. To suggest that 5G's operators (who are unlikely to even be online until 2020) will begin to eat into the existing TV markets in a substantial way is far too fanciful at the moment.

I'll report back what I find at MWC. But if you're in the 5G or broadcast space, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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