Will Facebook crack the TV screen?

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Facebook is going to be developing a video app for TVs. The app, which is set to be installed in set-top boxes (STBs), will put video content from Facebook onto the TV screen, (a la YouTube).

While Facebook has tried to branch into TV before (it has previously tried to put the social networking site on STBs), this new venture is instead an aim to bolster its position in TV advertising.

But does Facebook's new plans impact OTT players and streaming services? Since Facebook is a very personal vehicle, Facebook's launch into long form content could be questioned. Although, YouTube has certainly been a disruptive player in the market - and has even stated plans to begin to offer a TV service with selected channels. - could this be the path Facebook takes too?

With competition in the wold of TV and broadcast hotting up, and with big players like Facebook eagerly attempting to break into the market, service providers need to ensure they are successfully marketing themselves, in order to stand a fighting chance.  


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